Government Isn’t the Only Thing to Fix

Remember the first GOP debate ahead of the 2012 election? Michelle Bachman accused Gov. Perry of mandating an inoculation program in Texas for female teens as a payback for contributions from his friends at Merck. Perry’s response was to brag that he had raised millions and was insulted that anyone would accuse him of being bought for the poultry sum of $5,000 like what Merck gave to his campaign. My question is; Why wasn’t he insulted that anyone would accuse him capable of being bought on any topic at any price? Then after Perry made this idiotic remark, why wasn’t there a single guffaw from anyone else on stage? Why wasn’t there a single gasp from anyone in the audience? Why didn’t anyone in the left wing media or Democrats in general raise the roof about this? (they’re normally quick to cry foul at the opposition)

This is clear evidence that we are in trouble far beyond current newsworthy economics. We have become so indoctrinated to cronyism that most of us have accepted it as the American Way. It’s not been what we know but who we know for so long that we don’t see it as a failing in our society. No-one was appalled at Governor Perry’s answer, by and large we accepted his response with a nod of approval. 

What can we possibly expect of our elected political leaders but to be mirror images of the people who elect them? We are a society largely motivated only by money, sex, power and unwilling to accept personal responsibility for anything. Truly (despite popular opinion) our leaders do represent a large percentage of the people. We are corrupt – they just have the polish and the brass to show us how it’s done.


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