Not that you’d know from their candor, atheists are never sure of themselves. An ever present voice is in the back of their heads warning that they’re missing the only thing about life that’s truly real. The knowledge of just how small of a micro minority they are constantly bolsters their insecurity. Simple human pride causes them to run into the courtrooms pretending the world is conspiring against them/violating their rights.

It’s long overdue that the vast majority stands up and softens the voice of the micro minority. Christians are taught to hate sin yet love and pray for sinners (that’s all of us including the atheists). Loving and praying for them however doesn’t mean we’re supposed to let the them run the show. In this country, separation of church and state was never intended to mean an elimination of church from state. America is paying for going down this path. The Bible chronicles that it gets a whole lot worse if we don’t turn ourselves around.


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