OMG – Reality Check Please!!!! If you or I weren’t there, then we can’t and don’t know the truth about Planned Parenthood.  Let’s all please just shut up until there’s enough real evidence one way or the other.

There are some stats that indicate investigation is in order: There are still a million abortions performed across the US each year and there are still 587 abortion clinics (down from 1800 in 2008). Planned Parenthood reported that they performed 330,000 abortions… roughly 33%. One million abortions divided by 587 clinics means an average of 1700 abortions per year per clinic or less than 5 per day.

To anyone with half a brain,  Planned Parenthood performs an unusually high percentage of all abortions. It is and has been against the law for federal funds to be used for abortions yet Planned Parenthood is federally subsidized.  Hmmmm….

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