A Strong Middle Class

Our tendency is to define the middle class in terms of wealth. I believe it has little to do with how much money a person has or hasn’t but more about mindset and what’s in the heart.  Most middle class americans don’t focus on great wealth because deep down inside they really do believe that outside of winning the lottery or some other mindless windfall, the only way to acquire it is to wrongly take advantage of others. Equally however… they don’t want to be poor for the very the same reason. In short, they don’t want to cheat people and they don’t want to be cheated. All they want from government is to maintain an uncorrupted system of law and uphold it, allowing truly equal opportunities for everyone to participate in a peaceful free market economy to whatever end they desire… great or small.

In January of 2009, Vice President Joe Biden said the middle class was left out of the last economic boom in America and now suffer because of it. That same year, President Obama supposedly initiated a task force to improve the quality of life for the middle class. ** Many similar comments have been made by different administrations over several decades… all useless political rhetoric.

I would ask that government not create programs that work toward more deeply blending the middle class with that part of our society that has to have it all regardless of the ability to pay for it. Instead, reduce spending of every kind and work toward a balanced federal budget. Limit the scope of government’s social involvement to goals & initiatives meant only to help prevent personal catastrophe rather than offer a leg up… and meaningfully punish all who misuse & abuse that generosity. Promote individual responsibility to mortgage only what can be repaid, applaud the ability to recognize the difference, put on a pedestal the integrity to put both in play and ultimately reward those who demonstrate such responsibility with honesty instead of the other way around. In other-words, do the exact opposite of what government has done for nearly 60 years.