OMG – Reality Check Please!!!! If you or I weren’t there, then we can’t and don’t know the truth about Planned Parenthood.  Let’s all please just shut up until there’s enough real evidence one way or the other.

There are some stats that indicate investigation is in order: There are still a million abortions performed across the US each year and there are still 587 abortion clinics (down from 1800 in 2008). Planned Parenthood reported that they performed 330,000 abortions… roughly 33%. One million abortions divided by 587 clinics means an average of 1700 abortions per year per clinic or less than 5 per day.

To anyone with half a brain,  Planned Parenthood performs an unusually high percentage of all abortions. It is and has been against the law for federal funds to be used for abortions yet Planned Parenthood is federally subsidized.  Hmmmm….

Socialized Medicine

With her permission, I have copied a post by Cinnamon’s Place describing her experience with socialized medicine in England. If this doesn’t settle the matter here in the US  then we truly are too ignorant of a society to be saved.


Whilst society sneers and looks down upon those in receipt of National insurance claims, do they realise actually how hard it is to get a claim accepted. Then there’s the continuing assssments and checks which are done, not only by DWP.,but, if like me, you’re in need of help from Social Services for Care, the yearly checks which take place.

I’m due to be ‘ reviewed ‘ again tomorrow, which, although I’m totally bedbound means I have to prove my need. The care manager remit is to reduce my care package. Compromising my health in many ways, even possibly endangering it, by the government continued quest to reduce social care. This is totally against the Community Care Act, but the government doesn’t seem to care about the Laws of the land. Cutting councils budgets to fund home ( and residential ) care along with all other aspects of health related assistance. Without my care I’d lie in bed, soiled with faeces, hardly dignified or pleasant for anyone.

What at has happened to Compassion? Why has Society again fallen into this Victorian culture. I need full time day and night care, but it’s reduced each time they come, now I have only six hours of day care, which means, yes, I lie in soiled bed at times. They dare not ( thus far anyway 😒) reduce my night care, as I have nocturnal seizures, I could die without such waking night carer.

The annoying thing is David Cameron, the current Prime Mimster, had a son, Ivan, who had disabilities, yet others ( without access to money ) are being left, vulnerable and uncared for, or facing yearly battles to hang on to what they’ve, in many cases, worked and paid for by National Insurance contributions. Wish me luck for tomorrow. Never the same worker who comes out, no continuity of Care, they’re not qualified social workers and they argue about who’s going to pay for me, ie NHS or Social Services. Whilst I worry and wait….

Government Isn’t the Only Thing to Fix

Remember the first GOP debate ahead of the 2012 election? Michelle Bachman accused Gov. Perry of mandating an inoculation program in Texas for female teens as a payback for contributions from his friends at Merck. Perry’s response was to brag that he had raised millions and was insulted that anyone would accuse him of being bought for the poultry sum of $5,000 like what Merck gave to his campaign. My question is; Why wasn’t he insulted that anyone would accuse him capable of being bought on any topic at any price? Then after Perry made this idiotic remark, why wasn’t there a single guffaw from anyone else on stage? Why wasn’t there a single gasp from anyone in the audience? Why didn’t anyone in the left wing media or Democrats in general raise the roof about this? (they’re normally quick to cry foul at the opposition)

This is clear evidence that we are in trouble far beyond current newsworthy economics. We have become so indoctrinated to cronyism that most of us have accepted it as the American Way. It’s not been what we know but who we know for so long that we don’t see it as a failing in our society. No-one was appalled at Governor Perry’s answer, by and large we accepted his response with a nod of approval. 

What can we possibly expect of our elected political leaders but to be mirror images of the people who elect them? We are a society largely motivated only by money, sex, power and unwilling to accept personal responsibility for anything. Truly (despite popular opinion) our leaders do represent a large percentage of the people. We are corrupt – they just have the polish and the brass to show us how it’s done.