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Today’s workers are re-living failed corporate views of the past. One in particular, that job descriptions should be written in sand with the wind blowing, stands out as particularly offensive and tops the ignorant list. Taken in the right context of course, a little cross training and the widening of one’s horizons aren’t bad things for anyone but with a weak economy placing a little fear in the belly of the rank and file, the culture of the workplace for many is convoluted into a pathetic situation.

Forget being appropriately compensated for your efforts – people aren’t even treated with common respect. I can’t count how many times I’ve witnessed members of management laughing behind an employee’s back as he/she plunges off with a new “to do” list based on a whim or worse, just to see if they’re scared/dumb enough to actually do it.

A lot of today’s management sees taking advantage of employees as a normal function of their job while others (we’ve all met a few) actually enjoy it. In either case the result of such activity is usually a short lived improvement to the bottom line however the long story is always that what’s truly written in the sand is employee loyalty/interest/honesty and eventually the success of the company.

Wind direction has little to do with the daily activity of the typical rank and file. The notion that their job descriptions should change to whatever the boss dreams up when under pressure, is just bad management. It chases all the good employees out the door leaving business with constant turnover, soaring training costs and a work force ever ready to treat their employers in kind by any action they think they can get away with.