Why the Rich Get Richer

We know that money often doesn’t make a person happy. In fact, many of the very wealthy (people completely worry free about how much anything costs now or ever) are quite miserable. 

What happens when personal wealth is so great that there’s literally nothing out there that we don’t already own several of? What gets us out of bed in the morning when there’s no challenge, no sense of purpose or nothing new to look forward to because we’ve done it all a hundred times?

Sadly, the one thing that truly gets the juices going is to feel the jealousy/resentment/envy from all who covet what they don’t have. Our desire for another or a bigger or a more luxurious anything is only to place it out there for others to see and want. Even more unpalatable, if & when others do try to develop ways to acquire the things we have, our misery manifests itself by manipulating the system to prevent them from getting it.


Recommended Viewing: History Channel – The Men who Built America a series about the lives of industrial giants and bankers like John Rockefeller, Andrew Carnagie and JP Morgan. Who they were, what they did and why they were driven to do it.