Again today with the Oregon tragedy, Obama cries foul – that people will say he’s politicizing these events and yet that’s exactly what he is doing. To never let a good crisis go to waste has been the credo of the Left for years and everyone knows it.

What the Left won’t talk about concerning gun control is the same thing they try to hide about everything else. The bigger/more powerful government becomes the less it matters how creatively and carefully legislation is written to benefit society without threatening liberty. Incompetence/ignorance and corruption of the rank and file within the massive bureaucracies ends up misinterpreting/twisting the spirit of the legislation and mishandles the power. It’s this knowledge that causes the conservative right in America to fight so hard against more government control over anything. *** Certainly, the IRS is plenty of proof all by itself.


A big thank you from conservatives goes to John Boehner for clearly showing that it is still possible for “We The People” to make a difference.

Conservatives have actually had something to cheer about from Washington in the past few days as the do nothing Speaker of the House resigns under pressure from elected officials of his own party. His stand still leadership finally irritated enough people to get off their back sides and send enough real conservatives to the House of Representatives in an attempt to make a difference and it has.

Of course the battle for Conservatism is far from over…. in fact it’s just beginning but Boehner’s resignation is proof that as long as they have the intestinal fortitude to get off their sofas and apply enough pressure, the people can make a difference.

Real Americans should be rejoicing about this event. The status quo/power elite is NOT invulnerable.

Here We Go Again


As the next big election nears we hear the same old rhetoric from candidates, the same old party rants and the same old public nose thumbing at one another. The media is already clogged up with idiotic candor indicating we haven’t yet pulled our heads from our backsides.

Are we never going to see this political crap as the theater it really is? How can it be so hard to see that corruption ties the power elite together? How do we not see the similarities of actions over the pretense in speech? Political party affiliation is still so strong it blinds us. It’s as if we just line up for the Piper and volunteer ourselves down the path to destruction.

Once again the wolves have us right where they want us – focused on anything and everything except their actions. 

Spock was right, our emotions will be our undoing.

Government Isn’t the Only Thing to Fix

Remember the first GOP debate ahead of the 2012 election? Michelle Bachman accused Gov. Perry of mandating an inoculation program in Texas for female teens as a payback for contributions from his friends at Merck. Perry’s response was to brag that he had raised millions and was insulted that anyone would accuse him of being bought for the poultry sum of $5,000 like what Merck gave to his campaign. My question is; Why wasn’t he insulted that anyone would accuse him capable of being bought on any topic at any price? Then after Perry made this idiotic remark, why wasn’t there a single guffaw from anyone else on stage? Why wasn’t there a single gasp from anyone in the audience? Why didn’t anyone in the left wing media or Democrats in general raise the roof about this? (they’re normally quick to cry foul at the opposition)

This is clear evidence that we are in trouble far beyond current newsworthy economics. We have become so indoctrinated to cronyism that most of us have accepted it as the American Way. It’s not been what we know but who we know for so long that we don’t see it as a failing in our society. No-one was appalled at Governor Perry’s answer, by and large we accepted his response with a nod of approval. 

What can we possibly expect of our elected political leaders but to be mirror images of the people who elect them? We are a society largely motivated only by money, sex, power and unwilling to accept personal responsibility for anything. Truly (despite popular opinion) our leaders do represent a large percentage of the people. We are corrupt – they just have the polish and the brass to show us how it’s done.

A Strong Middle Class

Our tendency is to define the middle class in terms of wealth. I believe it has little to do with how much money a person has or hasn’t but more about mindset and what’s in the heart.  Most middle class americans don’t focus on great wealth because deep down inside they really do believe that outside of winning the lottery or some other mindless windfall, the only way to acquire it is to wrongly take advantage of others. Equally however… they don’t want to be poor for the very the same reason. In short, they don’t want to cheat people and they don’t want to be cheated. All they want from government is to maintain an uncorrupted system of law and uphold it, allowing truly equal opportunities for everyone to participate in a peaceful free market economy to whatever end they desire… great or small.

In January of 2009, Vice President Joe Biden said the middle class was left out of the last economic boom in America and now suffer because of it. That same year, President Obama supposedly initiated a task force to improve the quality of life for the middle class. ** Many similar comments have been made by different administrations over several decades… all useless political rhetoric.

I would ask that government not create programs that work toward more deeply blending the middle class with that part of our society that has to have it all regardless of the ability to pay for it. Instead, reduce spending of every kind and work toward a balanced federal budget. Limit the scope of government’s social involvement to goals & initiatives meant only to help prevent personal catastrophe rather than offer a leg up… and meaningfully punish all who misuse & abuse that generosity. Promote individual responsibility to mortgage only what can be repaid, applaud the ability to recognize the difference, put on a pedestal the integrity to put both in play and ultimately reward those who demonstrate such responsibility with honesty instead of the other way around. In other-words, do the exact opposite of what government has done for nearly 60 years.